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Collecting Feedback

published by Bobby Bouwmann

In August we launched a brand new design, and we’re still very happy about the new design. Everything is a lot cleaner, simpler and got that beautiful blue color.

To make sure our design, but also the application is working as expected we wanted to integrate some way to collect feedback. Feedback is very important to us. This way we can optimize the user experience, improve PingPing, and keep customers happy.

Freddy Feedback

Freddy Feedback gives us the perfect tool to achieve just that. It's very easy to set up, we get weekly updates, we have a nice dashboard with all the statistics, and last but definitely not least: It's very easy to provide feedback for customers.

When I say easy for customers, I mean really easy for customers. You can already provide feedback by clicking the floating Feedback badge on the right side of the page.

A cool feature of Freddy Feedback is that you can decide how you want your customers to rate your application. You can choose between stars, thumbs up/down, emojis, and even animating emojis.

Feedback results

In the last few months, we had a lot of feedback from our current customers, but also from potential customers. Currently, we score a 4.2 out of 5 according to our feedback statistics. We think this is a good score overall. We had some people scoring very low, without providing any feedback. Not sure if we should count those results as well , but still a good average.

We mostly received feedback around smaller improvements. For example, adding a clearer success message when updating settings or notifications. Most people that leave feedback only reply with a score and no extra message which is fine of course.

Custom fields

Freddy Feedback also offers us a way to send custom fields along with the feedback. This way we can connect the feedback to our customers if they are logged in. We use it to send a long the email and ID of the user, but as you can imagine you can send any kind of data along for your own statistics.

For each person that leaves feedback we get a nice overview of all the additional information like the custom fields, the page they were on and from which browser. This can be key information depending on the type of feedback we get.

Overall we're very happy with the insights we get from our customers and that we can use their comments to improve our application.

Head over to Freddy Feedback to learn more! You get a 30-day free trial, so you can start collecting feedback right away.