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This is Stefan and Bobby. We build professional, reliable and scalable software. We write here about everything we have learned building our monitoring solution PingPing. Both technical and business.

published by Bobby Bouwmann

Moving MySQL server

Our main goal with PingPing is simplicity. Simplicity for the customer, but also for ourselves. That also means for our servers and database. We’re always busy with improving PingPing by making changes in our code and optimizing the underlying servers. This time our database needed some love and we decided to switch to a different and more powerful server.

published by Bobby Bouwmann

Collecting Feedback

Last August we did a brand new redesign. To make sure we did everything right and to improve we want to collect feedback from our current and possibly new customers. We found the perfect tool for that called Freddy Feedback.

published by Bobby Bouwmann

Our learnings when providing a free plan on a SaaS

On the 30th of September, we removed the free plan and started offering a 14-days free trial again. This seems to work better than giving the monitoring away since people get to try all features for free for 14 days. After that, they can decide if they want to stay or not. Read about our learnings when providing a free plan.

published by Bobby Bouwmann

Welcome to the renewed

Welcome to the renewed Stefan and I worked very hard the last couple of months to make things tighter, easier to work with, and as simple as possible. The redesign is just that. Full focus on simplicity.