Website down? SSL invalid?
We notify you instantly!

Get notified by the simplest uptime monitoring service in the world, when your website is down or your certificate becomes invalid. No more, no less. screenshot

15,000+ Websites. Trusted by companies that love simple products.

No frills, just essential

PingPing focuses on the essential. Know if your site is offline or your SSL certificate is invalid. Fast and reliable. No more, no less.

Simple, fast, affordable monitoring

Our multi-language status pages and 30-second checks are the perfect way to get a good overview of the performance and uptime of your website.

  • 30-second checks

    We offer 30 seconds checks for all your websites. This allows us to let you know when your website goes down 10 times faster than other tools. Know within seconds when there's a problem so you can take immediate action.

  • Public status pages

    Uptime Statistics, Live Status, Downtimes and much more!

    All plans get a multi-language status page per website. All the important website data on a single page. You decide if it's public or private. Check out the live demo.

    Oh and we provide Custom Domains of course as well to make it unique.

  • The plan that fits your needs

    Stop guessing what your best important websites are, and track all websites. We offer quality monitoring for affordable pricing, powerful notifications and beautiful status pages.

Keep your team informed instantly

If something goes wrong you want to be the first to know about it. Our notifications make it very simple to get notified in your preferred way. With that you can bring your whole team along.

  • Bring the whole team

    We understand how important it is to have a full access with your whole team. Give your entire team access to your metrics while keeping admin access.

  • Always within reach

    Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Telegram, webhooks and more to come!

    With a variety of notification channels, you are always aware of what is happening with your websites so you can fix any issues as soon as possible.

Why PingPing?

It's for people who just want to know if their site is on or offline.

  • 30-second check interval

    30 seconds is the perfect time to get notified if your website is down. It's fast enough to not get notified by your customers if something is wrong with your website.

  • SSL certificate checks

    Next to downtime, the most annoying thing on a website is an invalid SSL certificate. We notify you before your SSL certificate is about to expire.

  • Full featured API

    We got you covered with a full featured API. Add websites get back some statistics. We also send you webhooks when something happens, so you can build your own notification system.

  • What you need, and nothing more

    We stand for simplicity. Everything we do at PingPing should make monitoring your website as simple as possible. We don't offer 1000 features, we offer just what you need.

  • Use from anywhere

    PingPing is completely responsive, from desktop over your tablet to your mobile. Your websites can be accessed, added and checked on any device.

  • Integrate with your apps

    Looking to integrate uptime monitoring in your app? Let us take care of all the heavy lifting and launch it in a matter of hours. Read more!

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Use our service in your application

Your customers ask for uptime monitoring? Awesome! You can meet their needs without the hassle of building this in your own product. Power up your product with uptime and SSL monitoring from PingPing and give that extra to your customer.

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We can provide you with very attractive prices according to your requirements so that an integration is worth it and you can offer your customers real added value. Are you interested? Then you should get in touch. We are looking forward to your request.

Pricing & Plans

We offer a 14 day trial. No credit card required.

Here's what our customers say

Learn how people around the globe use PingPing to monitor their websites and SSL certificates and improve their sleep.

«We partnered with PingPing to provide our customers with a simplified uptime monitoring solution. Their team is fantastic, responsive and cares about our business. Thanks chaps!»

«After using much more complicated tools, PingPing was breath of fresh air in the monitoring space. The app is wonderfully simple, and beautifully designed. Highly recommend!»

«PingPing is so simple, yet so useful. You can be setup in about two minutes and the tracking starts immediately. There is no better way to be instantly notified if your site has problems.»

«Things can go wrong, things will go wrong. It sucks, but it sucks less when you’re the first person to know when a bad thing happens. PingPing to the rescue

Mohamed Said

Mohamed Said

Author of Learn Laravel Queues and Developer at Laravel

«PingPing's integration into Fathom Analytics is a match made in heaven. It's the fastest uptime monitoring service that I have ever used.»

«PingPing monitors my site 24/7, which gives me more time to do the things I enjoy. It takes only a few seconds to get started, so don't wait for your site to go down first.»

James Brooks

James Brooks

Developer at Laravel

Frequently asked questions

What is a website?

A website is a URL you want to ensure is always available. We'll ping it every 30 seconds on our paid plans to make sure it's not down, and also keep an eye on your SSL certificate.

Which type of notifications do you provide?

We offer powerful notifications like email, Slack, Discord and Telegram notifications out of the box. We also provide webhook support, so you can integrate with anything else.

Do you offer a free plan?

Unfortunately no. However, we offer the highest quality and reliability with our paid plans.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we do! We offer you a 14 day trial where you can add up to 5 websites with all features available. You need more time? We're happy to extend your trial. Let us know!

What type of payments do you accept?

We use Paddle as our payment provider. You can pay comfortably with PayPal or credit card. Whatever fits best to you. If both are not possible, please contact us.

Do you offer the possibility to pay annually?

Yes, we do! You can choose if you prefer to pay monthly or annually. If you prefer annually you get one month for free.

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