Simple Website Monitoring

We ping your sites and will notify you when they are down. One year. One price. Free plan available.

Why you should choose PingPing
Things you'll fall in love with
10 second interval service frequency

Unlike other monitoring platforms, you can't only set your frequency to a minimum of 5 minutes, 1 Minute or 30 seconds. PingPing lets you set it to a minimum of 10 seconds.

As many monitors as you like

PingPing encourages you to check as many monitors as you like, as often as you like. There’s now no longer a need to question which monitors are worth checking.

Always within reach

With a variety of notification channels, such as Slack, HipChat, Email, and SMS, you are always aware of what is happening with your sites so you can fix any issues sooner.

Elegantly simple statistics

Our world operates on data, and yours can do too. With our simple statistics pages and reports, you can see at a glance the status of your monitors.

A fair fixed price

Never get hit with an unexpected bill again. You can get all this monitoring on one simple plan, with one simple price billed annually and with no contract.

Fantastic support and excellent service

There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind of knowing that your service is working, but when something isn’t quite right, I am only a few moments away.