Website & SSL Monitoring - Simple.

We check your websites and SSL certificates and will notify you when websites are down or certificates become invalid.

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Simple And Transparent Pricing
$ 12 / Month
  • Unlimited Monitors**
  • 2 Min. Check Interval
Free 7 Day Trial
$ 15 / Month
  • 50 Monitors
  • 30 Sec. Check Interval
  • Statistics (7 Days)
Free 7 Day Trial
most popular
$ 24 / Month
  • 150 Monitors
  • 30 Sec. Check Interval
  • Multi-User
  • Statistics (30 Days)
  • (Public) Status Pages
Free 7 Day Trial
$ 60 / Month
  • Unlimited Monitors**
  • 30 Sec. Check Interval
  • Multi-User
  • Statistics (30 Days)
  • (Public) Status Pages
  • API
Free 7 Day Trial
Do you build Open-Source Software? We offer a free* plan for Open-Source projects. Get in touch!

All prices are exclusive of VAT. The VAT will be calculated on checkout.

* You are only allowed to monitor URLs that are related to your Open-Source project. Any violation will result in account suspension!

** Fair-Use policy: You can monitor as much monitors as you like. If you have more than 500 monitors we will contact you.

30 second interval frequency

Unlike other monitoring platforms that check every 5 minutes, your website can be checked every 30 seconds, depending on your plan.

Know within seconds when there's a problem so you can take immediate action.

As many monitors as you like

PingPing encourages you to check as many monitors as you like based on your plan, as often as you like.

There's now no longer a need to question which monitors are worth checking.

Always within reach

With a variety of notification channels, you are always aware of what is happening with your sites so you can fix any issues sooner. We provide notifications channels like:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Webhook

Don't miss a problem any more.

Grant access to your whole team

PingPing is designed as a flexible multi-user system. The primary owner can invite unlimited users to his team. Nobody else can change billing details or plans but you.

Invite all of your teammates. As many as you like.

Elegantly Statistics

Our world operates on data, and yours can do too. With our simple statistics you can see at a glance the status of your monitors.

  • Outages
  • Average Uptime
  • Average Response Time
  • Detailed Downtimes

Oh and we send weekly email reports too.

Public Status Pages

Public Status Pages are awesome! All related monitor data on one simple page.

  • Average Response Time and Uptime
  • Uptime over the last three months
  • Detailed Downtimes
  • Much more

Share your monitor data with the world!

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Our Testimonials
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Adam Wathan
Author and Course Creator

"Hearing that your site is down on Twitter sucks. PingPing notifies me right away so I can fix it before I lose the trust of a would-be customer who can't buy my stuff."

"I've worked for two separate startups that had their SSL certificates (unknowingly) expire. It was terrible! It's completely preventable. Using something like PingPing is the answer."

"This is an absolute no-brainer. Having your website down or SSL certificate expire is very embarrassing. PingPing eliminates this risk so you don't have to worry about it."