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Welcome to the renewed PingPing.io

published by Bobby Bouwmann

Welcome to the renewed PingPing.io. Stefan and I worked very hard the last couple of months to make things tighter, easier to work with, and as simple as possible. The redesign is just that. Full focus on simplicity and uptime monitoring.

Fresh new dashboard

At PingPing our goal is to focus on simplicity. Our new dashboard makes sure everything is in reach for your websites. The disable/enable buttons for the website are still there and they work the same way.

Next to that, we updated everything that’s behind the edit button. It now brings you to an overview where we collected all the settings of a website. No need anymore to click on multiple links to change the settings of your website.

We finally added a button that opens your status page right away in a new tab. You can read more about the new simplified status page below.

100% responsive

We don’t only bring a new design, but we also made the application 100% responsive. You can easily access all your websites on your phone or tablet. The status pages have been updated to be fully responsive as well.


We already launched our new pricing model a few weeks ago. We now offer 2 websites to monitor for free in our “Free” plan. The next plan starts at $4 for 5 websites. You can find the price of the numbers of monitors you need on our homepage. We offer custom pricing and cooperation for people who have more than 250 monitors.

The free plan includes almost all features. All our paid plans include a status page per website and access to our expressive API. You can read more about those features below here.

30-second checks

Unlike most uptime monitoring applications, we offer 30-second interval checks for uptime monitoring. We believe this is the perfect time to get yourself notified and take action before your customer starts calling you.

We optimized our checkers to work even faster. Next to that, we optimized the flow to always double-check the downtime from a different continent by another server provider. This way we know for sure your website is down before we notify you.

SSL-certificate checks

As before, we still offer the SSL-certificate checks for all your websites. You can pick your notification threshold between immediately and 14 days before the certificate expires. By default, this threshold is set to 3 days.


We like simplicity, so do you with your team. For that reason, PingPing is accessible for the whole team without any extra costs. You can invite as many people as needed. All these users have access to all the same features as you do.


With a variety of notifications channels, you’re always up to date whenever something goes wrong with your website. We currently offer the following notifications channels: Email, Slack, Discord, and webhooks.

We’re exploring our options for other notifications channels for the future.

Status pages

One of our favorite features is the status page for your website. We redesigned the status page to show the exact uptime monitoring data you need, simplified it, and gave it a fresh look.

For the old legacy plans, this means that there is no internal statistics page anymore. We migrated everything to the status page that was already displaying mostly the same data. For the old legacy plans that didn’t have a public status page before, the status page is only accessible for logged in users. For all other paid plans, the status page is publicly available for all websites.

One more cool thing is that now all status pages have a data retention of 30 days. The 7 days limit has now been removed. If you can’t wait to see our new status page, you can have a look at the status page of PingPing.io here: https://pingping.io/CDcjOL1Y


Our comprehensive API is still available for all paid plans. The API can be used to easily create and manage monitors from your own application. Via the API you can set the interval for the checks and the notification threshold per monitor.

In combination with the webhook notifications, the API can be really powerful. Our webhooks return all the information we have of a downtime. This also includes the two locations we used to check if your website is down and the reason for the downtime.

Finishing up

We hope you like our redesign and hope to get some feedback. You can find us on Twitter or you contact us via hello@pingping.io.

We will be blogging more in the future about the product PingPing, but also about our technical journey and business-related topics. So keep an eye on our blog from time-to-time.